[OSGeo-Discuss] Board elections status - day 1

Vasile Craciunescu vasile at geo-spatial.org
Wed Oct 18 16:09:44 PDT 2017

Dear all,

At the end of the first day of voting (I mean, end of the day for me, in 
Europe) we got exactly 100 votes (25.6%). I guess this is not bad. I 
encourage everyone to vote ASAP. After a number of reports, we know that 
an important number of members with Gmail e-mail accounts got the 
invitation in the spam folder. If you are using an Gmail account in your 
relation with OSGeo, please check your spam folder. On Monday I intend 
to do an effort an manually send voting links to all Gmail account that 
did note vote until that moment. You can save a lot of my time if you 
check your spam folder :)

Also, if you change your work place in the last year and you are not 
using the old email address please let me know to update our records. 
Generally is not a good practice to use your work e-mail address for 
your relation with OSGeo, as jobs can change with time. For the future 
elections I will recommend the board to change the new charter members 
nomination procedure and request the person who is nominating a 
candidate to forward the nominee personal email. This will save a lot of 
time for future CRO and will make the election process more smooth.

That's all for the moment. Thank you for your support for OSGeo! New 
updates in the days to follow.

CRO 2017

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