[OSGeo-Discuss] The final FOSS4G 2017 Boston Academic Proceedings are now available online; Future FOSS4G academic track committees -- consider using this system

Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 18 22:49:36 PDT 2017

Thank You Charlie and everyone in Academic Review committee who made this possible.

Having the Scholarworks paper review management and publishing system available for future FOSS4G conference academic proceedings (global, regional and local conferences) is a great contribution from the Boston LOC to the global community. I thank everyone in Boston LOC for their long term vision and efforts to make this possible. I am sure the community will make use of this to expand our ideas and impact for the future.

Best wishes,


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Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] The final FOSS4G 2017 Boston Academic Proceedings are now available online; Future FOSS4G academic track committees -- consider using this system

Dear FOSS4G 2017 Boston Academic Proceedings authors, Academic Committee [1], and OSGeo and GeoForAll community,

The final peer-reviewed, published academic proceedings for FOSS4G 2017 Boston is now available at:


You can download either the full proceedings pdf (including posters), or individual papers. Each has a listed recommended citation. Relevant library search databases are getting fed the metadata through BePress' [3] Scholarworks publishing platform.  Following past practices, we also intend to make the proceedings available on the OSGeo journal website and we are working on getting the new OSGeo logo on the banner.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to these proceedings: the authors, the terrific academic review committee [1], UMass Amherst librarian Erin Jerome, Aurora Alder at BEPress [3], and especially to my co-editors Andy Anderson and Mohammed Zia. Zia deserves special thanks for his efforts. He's an exceptionally talented and capable individual.

Finally, we'd like to emphasize that this Scholarworks paper review management and publishing system, supported by BEPress [3] is now available for future FOSS4G conference academic proceedings, at no cost to OSGeo\GeoForAll. We implemented this system with the hope that it will be used for future FOSS4G conferences (such as FOSS4G NA 2018 or other upcoming FOSS4G conferences). We stand ready to teach this system works to future academic committee chair(s). Just contact me (cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu).


Charlie Schweik
(on behalf of our team: Mohammed Zia, Andy Anderson and Erin Jerome)

[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2017#Academic_Committee
[2] http://scholarworks.umass.edu/foss4g/vol17/iss1/2/
[3] https://www.bepress.com/

Charlie Schweik

Department of Environmental Conservation &
School of Public Policy
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Make positive change in your sphere of influence." -- CMS

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