[OSGeo-Discuss] My feelings about board elections

Sanghee Shin shshin at gaia3d.com
Mon Oct 30 17:11:58 PDT 2017

Hello All, 

Thanks for your comments and sharing your thoughts through private email and this list. At first I should admit that my tone was somewhat aggressive and tough. Sorry for that. 

For the first point, I just wanted to have OSGeo better represent regional distributions. If new board members agree with this and can fix it, that’s ok. I believe I raised proper concern on this.

For the second point, I’m impressed with other’s tolerant and practical approach. Just like I’m asking you that there’s another region outside of Europe and NA, I should admit that there’s another culture different from mine. I still can’t understand the situation however there’s something I should accept without understanding. If board can set up new board election process, that will be great. 

Unlike many other’s speculation, Jeff is one of my best friend in this community. So, it was so painful for me to have written down something against him. 

Good luck to all. 

Shin, Sanghee
Gaia3D, Inc. - The GeoSpatial Company

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