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A very big +1. I assumed Stephen was already a charter member
Michael Smith

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>Forwarding Stephen Mather nomination by Kristin Bott. The 2017 member
>nominations list was updated [1].
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>Vasile & Jeff
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>Nominee: Stephen Mather - USA
>Stephen has likely been most recently visible within the OSGeo community
>as the founder and an ongoing contributor to OpenDroneMap -- for which
>he received supportive grant funding in 2016; on which he has given
>numerous workshops, presentations, and trainings since its development;
>and through which he has partnered with a number of people and agencies
>to use geospatial technologies for humanitarian efforts and other
>applications in education, governmental work, and more.
>Through mentoring within and beyond his professional role, Stephen
>encourages the development of geospatial skills in a variety of folk,
>and has recently served as a both mentor and a teacher in cooperative
>programs in Musanze, Rwanda in addition to partnering with students at
>the State University Zanzibar and the University of Rwanda on geospatial
>Stephen is very active in outreach efforts; the last three years have
>included workshops and presentations all over the globe on open source
>geospatial software and systems (with a notable concentration on drone
>systems/remote sensing applications) -- events include FOSS4G
>(2017,2015,2014), State of the Map Africa (2017), FOSS4G Africa (2017),
>State of the Map US (2016).
>Technically, Stephen brings a wide range of expertise in across GIS
>packages/protocols/libraries, remote sensing, and variety of programming
>languages/libraries and is one of the co-authors of the PostGIS Cookbook.
>I believe that with a combination of strong technical skills and a
>dedication to outreach/education in diverse communities, Stephen has
>brought a great deal to the OSGeo community for years, and will continue
>to do so.
>-Kristin Bott
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