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Hi Tom,

Thank you for sharing this important info which will be of interest to the wider OSGeo community

May I request to put some links to open mapping resources and tutorials in the course structure




Ideally it will be good if those running these courses can give away OSGeo Live DVDs /USBs to participants.

There is lot of synergies between OSGeo and OSM communities, so let us use this opportunity to further expand synergies. It will be good to have this workshops also happening in FOSS4G conferences (local, regional and global).

Best wishes,


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Sorry for cross postings....

Mapping in OpenStreetMap is a valuable activity, but how can you make use of it to teach geography? TeachOSM is presenting a one-day open mapping workshop for geography teachers and other educators. Come attend the [State of the Map US conference] a special workshop where you can develop the skills you need to put open mapping in your classroom. This hands-on workshop is free to all US State of the Map conference attendees and designed to help educators & students of all kinds to:

  *   Acquire open mapping skills using OpenStreetMap
  *   Use open mapping to teach geography, social sciences, and natural sciences
  *   Incorporate open mapping into the AP Human Geography curriculum.


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