[OSGeo-Discuss] completed branding and collateral materials are now in github

Arne Schubert atd.schubert at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 02:37:50 PDT 2017

Hey Jody and all the others from the OSGeo discussion list,

> If you have any skill with InkScape, Scribus or LibreOffice the marketing committee would love to request your help reviewing, adapting and applying this content for community use.

I have experience in Scribus, so you (or anybody else) can request me…

In addition, I was thinking about to create a OSGeo presentation template for Reveal.JS if someone want to use it…
You can take a look at http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/ <http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/> for a demo.
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