[OSGeo-Discuss] World Challenge for a Sustainable Earth!

Patrick Hogan phogan99 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 16:02:14 PDT 2018

Utilize Satellite Data for World Peace, Health, Education and a Sustainable Earth!

Be part of something bigger, something world-class delivering the kind of results that are a small step for a human, yet a giant leap for humankind! 

Do something especially good for this world, a place that took 3.5 billion years to get here! Building ^solutions we can share^ will help us recognize our common humanity, our oneness with all of life. This 'oneness' needs to be celebrated and constructively encouraged. Thank you Finland for doing just that with the World Challenge!!!

Build a cool web app that rocks this joint! Top project teams get an all-expense paid trip to Helsinki Finland for a few days of software 'jamming' with each other! Even awards for who can help the other team the most, along with awards (and cash) for the very best projects. A 3-way tie?

Register here: http://worldchallenge.live/
Judging begins 3rd of August! All expense paid invitations to the top teams a week later! 

Feel free to post this notice everywhere!!!

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