[OSGeo-Discuss] Please accept my sincere apologies

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Suchith, your passion is essential for Openness in Science. Sometimes things are not "politically correct" but are "ethically correct". And the idea behind your intended letter is what counts. Indeed it's a wider global problem.

Best wishes,

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Dear colleagues,

I want to end this open discussion with me publicly  apologising for any unintended hurt I caused to anyone as I got carried away because the issue of Openness in Science is important to me. I have great respect for ICA and all colleagues.

Let me make it very clear that the issues around pseudoscience, weak science and commercially-sponsored science etc are an entirely different issue. It is a wider global problem. It has nothing to do with ICA or anyone.

Please accept my sincere apologies . I am very sorry. Please forgive me.

This is my last email on this topic.  Thank you.

Best wishes,


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