[OSGeo-Discuss] PlanetOSGeo revamp

Jorge Sanz xurxosanz at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 09:33:21 PST 2018

Hi again, hopefully, my last update this topic :-)

Back from holidays, I think I'm finished with the planet revamp.

I've removed the j/k navigation (was too buggy) and implemented the
suggestion of stripping the entries to the first two paragraphs so it's
easier to browse the planet and just clicking on a "Read more" link at the
beginning of the post will display the rest of the entry. Mind that some
blogs only offer the post title (like Geotools) and others just an
excerpt), nothing I can do on that front so, on those cases, you are forced
to visit the original website.

Take a look and if there are no complains I'll update the planet theme next


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Jorge Sanz
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