[OSGeo-Discuss] Just saying hello from the Open-ARCloud initiative

Jan-Erik Vinje jan-erik.vinje at norkart.no
Thu Mar 8 06:14:45 PST 2018


My name is Jan-Erik Vinje. Last month I bought https://open-arcloud.org/  to get an informal community started around open source, open data, open standards for Augmented Reality Cloud solutions. (AR-cloud)

I contacted OSGeo and many others and I have just started to get informal partners and members.

I hope you will consider joining. One week ago I presented the initiative to the board of OSGeo and was greeted in a friendly matter. I asked the members of OSGeo if they would consider the possibility of an informal partnership. I am not at this time asking for much other than a show of support, such as allowing a logo with a link to http://osgeo.org/ on the open-arCloud page, and perhaps if someone active in the OSGeo organization might be willing to be listed as one of the team.

During the IRC board meeting, I also got information about relevant initiatives in OpenGeoSpatial that I will look into more closely. Lastly, I have been invited to attend Foss4G events. I appreciated the opportunity.

For more information on the purpose of the initiative I wrote an article

For those who would like to join the community on personal basis there is a slack channel here:

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Vinje

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