[OSGeo-Discuss] Wouldbe GSoC students, please read

Margherita Di Leo diregola at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 02:47:27 PDT 2018

Dear students,

this is a reminder that we will be accepting students proposals until March
27, that is only 1 week away from now. As a general remark, we know that
late submissions are not our best shot, as we usually find them incomplete,
so be aware that the sooner you submit your proposals, the better chances
you have to adjust them to mentors' requirements, and in the end, better
chances to be selected.
We have noticed some proposals have been submitted as final. We cannot
access them until deadline, so, unless you also share the google docs as
public, we don't have a way to give you feedback and we will be evaluating
your final proposal as it is, so you have less chances, or none at all if
your proposals hasn't been discussed anywhere in public channels.
Even if you have had some contact with a potential mentor, remember that
the proposals discussion must happen in public channels, as it is always
the case in open source communities.
Last but not least, remember that GSoC is a highly competitive program, we
prioritize quality over quantity, this means that we only accept excellent
proposals. So please read carefully and thoroughly our recommendations at
and don't forget to introduce yourself in SOC mailing list.

Good luck everyone

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Margherita Di Leo
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