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Dear GeoForAll,

With congratulations and in honour of our freshly minted GeoAmbassador, Dr. Claus Rinner, the ultimate ‘cartographer’!

We might take a moment to recall the penultimate cartographer to Earth’s dynamic nature, Marie Tharp,
(a seven minute listen)

In celebration of the extraordinary geo-map talent and history Claus brings, our dear wish for that much more to GeoForAll!


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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the GeoForAll community, we are delighted to honour Dr. Claus Rinner as our GeoAmbassador. Dr. Claus Rinner is a Professor and currently serves as Chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (1993) in Mathématiques appliquées et sciences sociales from Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, France, a Master’s degree (1996) in Applied Systems Science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and a PhD (1999) in Geography from the University of Bonn. After a brief stint as a software developer, he taught at the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster (2001-2003) and the Department of Geography and Programme in Planning at the University of Toronto (2003-2006), prior to joining Ryerson.

Within Geographic Information Science, Claus specializes in geographic visualization and multi-criteria decision analysis to support effective spatial decision-making. He develops map-centred, exploratory methods to evaluate phenomena such as public health and urban quality of life. Claus also works on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts to support participatory planning, and investigates the decision support capabilities of GIS technologies such as location-based services and spatial data infrastructures.

Most recently, Claus developed a keen interested in the collaborative and educational uses of 3D-printed terrain and cityscapes. He is co-author of a 2015 Springer monograph on Multicriteria Decision Analysis in Geographic Information Science and published 30 peer-reviewed articles, which summarize externally funded research. His h-index is currently at 24, with six publications exceeding 100 citations each.

Claus teaches cartographic design and geovisualization, GIS, and spatial decision support. As the graduate program director of the Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA) from 2007 to 2015, he was also responsible for mentoring numerous graduate students through their practicum placements and major research papers. More details at https://www.ryerson.ca/~crinner/

Claus’s contributions to open source go back to his student days. Please find below a summary of his excellent work and experiences that he kindly shared with us at https://www.osgeo.org/foundation-news/geoambassador-dr-claus-rinner/

We are proud to honour Claus Rinner as our GeoAmbassador and we are extremely grateful for his contributions to expanding geoeducation opportunities for all.

Best wishes,

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