[OSGeo-Discuss] Hall of Fame

MarĂ­a Arias de Reyna delawen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 23:20:25 PST 2018

Dear community,

Due to the recent passing of another of our members, I really think we
should start some kind of Hall of Fame with people who contribute to OSGeo.
As someone who hasn't been here from the beginning, I would like to have
some kind of (virtual) museum-like place where I can learn about our
history. Sometimes I hear names of people all the "old" members remember
but as they are no longer with us (sometimes just because they retired,
sometimes because they passed away) and I only get pieces of who they were
and what they did. I am very fond of conserving history, I think it is very
important to learn where we come from to understand where we are now.

What do you think? Would there be volunteers to fill data if we setup
something like this on the website? We need senior members here filling the
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