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Sat Nov 24 13:04:18 PST 2018

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for following my links and asking.

First of all, i am not a developer, so please do not expect to find core or
revolutionary code on my Github nor on the OSGeo projects svn.

I am rather a geo data product manager, cartographer and designer. I also
like to think that i am an OSGeo power user, with predisposition for
developer advocacy and community management.

I believe my most significant activity or contribution to open source is
co-founding ZOO-Project with Gérald Fenoy and Venkatesh Raghavan (former
board members btw) and promoting it with the ZOO-Tribe since 10 years now.

ZOO-Project is solid and scalable WPS implementation that allows to execute
and chain many of the OSGeo librairies such as GDAL, GRASS GIS,
OrfeoToolbox (but also others such as SAGA GIS, CGAL or R) all on the
server, in a OGC compliant way. I spent hundreds of hours designing the WPS
architecture along with co-founders, and i believe Gérald and other ZOO
developers implemented our vision the good way. I also wrote part of this
project documentation, along with Gérald and Jeff McKenna. If you are
really curious about my commits, please look way behind in the ZOO-Project
svn history and search for users like nbozon and nickboz :)

Another significant contribution of mine to geospatial open source is the
design of the MapMint software. This is built on top of ZOO-Project, GDAL
and MapServer and also interacts smoothly with some well known clients such
as OpenLayers or QGIS. Among numerous online processing capabilities,
MapMint really leverages MapServer for non-developers, as it writes
mapfiles for them using a friendly UI and crazy mapscript, all served as
WPS. As for ZOO-Project, i spent uncountable man-days to achieve this work
with my OSGeo friends, and to share it with the community. I did a little
bit of coding there too, especially for the front-end prototypes and
documentation. Once again, if you are really looking at code related to me,
please have a look at the mapmint-ui directory on the MapMint github.

For the record, these two projects are licensed under MIT styled licenses.
They were most notably used and extended within an innovative research
project from 2013 to 2015, funded by the European Commission FP7 Program.
They are also nowadays in production for a number of commercial projects
led by multiple private companies.

I believe my open source activity and direct contributions also remain
through my involvement in numerous local and regional FOSS4G events
Traveling around the globe to help and spread the word, melting with the
Asian and European chapters, sharing ideas and knowledge with many
different OSGeo people are also contributions. They do not necessarily
involve code or development, but they at least allow me to say that i got
to know many of my fellow charter members and that i now understand OSGeo

Past and current work with the OSGeo Marketing Committee are also often
impalpable yet meaningful contributions.
My pet project mapsk.in is another open source contribution, and even gets
a (very quiet) Github :)

Sorry for this long answer Luigi. I hope that it helped you consider that i
am and will ever be an active OSGeo activist and contributor.

I'd like to conclude by saying that i do not think being an active skilled
developer is mandatory to become an OSGeo director.
I think advocacy, strategy and openness are much more important for this

Best regards,


Le sam. 24 nov. 2018 à 10:57, Luigi Pirelli <luipir at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hi Nicolas, do you have some more repo other this
> https://github.com/nbozon where to see your OS activities?
> Luigi Pirelli
> **************************************************************************************************
> * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luigipirelli
> * Stackexchange: http://gis.stackexchange.com/users/19667/luigi-pirelli
> * GitHub: https://github.com/luipir
> * Mastering QGIS 2nd Edition:
> *
> https://www.packtpub.com/big-data-and-business-intelligence/mastering-qgis-second-edition
> * Hire me: http://goo.gl/BYRQKg
> **************************************************************************************************
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2018 at 17:55, nicolas bozon <nicolas.bozon at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi OSGeo,
>> Please read my manifesto here:
>> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2018_Candidate_Manifestos#Nicolas_Bozon
>> And have a good week end !
>> Best,
>> Nick
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