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Sat Nov 24 16:29:34 PST 2018

Wiki editing is down so posting this to Discuss.


About Me:

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Michael Smith, a physical scientist at the US Army Corps of Engineers. I've been involved with the MapServer community since 2001 and OSGeo since its inception. For the last 4 years, I've been honored to be a OSGeo Board member and the OSGeo treasurer. It’s been quite a learning experience and I greatly thank Daniel Morissette, the previous OSGeo treasurer for so much support in handling the transition.


My Vision:

In my time on the board and as treasurer, my focus has been on encouraging governments (in general) and the US in particular, especially the Department of Defense which, personally I know makes extensive use of OSGeo projects, to more actively participate is OSGeo and the projects beyond just use and occasional commits.


What your interests are in terms of the board:

If reelected, I plan to continue as OSGeo Treasurer. Its been a bit of a learning experience handling the funds from OSGeo, learning how to do the non profit tax filings for the US Government (where OSGeo is incorporated) and handling distributions of funds to Code Sprints and Events. Its also been a lot of fun to work directly with groups and individuals all over the world with OSGeo. Its been a very rewarding experience.


It’s really wonderful to see a great group of new candidates to the board. Its wonderful to see the diversity and multiple regions of the world represented in the candidates.


Thank you for the nomination, OSGeo Community!




Michael Smith

OSGeo Foundation Treasurer

Treasurer at osgeo.org


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