[OSGeo-Discuss] Announcement: OSGeo selected as an umbrella organisation for GSoC 2019

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Tue Feb 26 14:12:03 PST 2019

Dear OSGeo community,

we’re pleased to announce that OSGeo has been selected as an umbrella organisation for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019.

@Mentors: In the coming days, we admins will be inviting the mentors that have filled the form [1]. If you want to be a mentor and haven’t filled the form yet, please do it *ASAP*.

@All members of the community: be prepared and responsive in the coming days to welcome students and answer their inquiries. From Google admins: “Students who engage with their organization early (and often) are more likely to be accepted and then succeed. We encourage you to get to know the students and help them get to know you! Please continue to flesh out your ideas lists and documentation over the next few weeks.”

Please, forward this email to your developer and community mailing list.

According to the official timeline [2], student application period will be March 25, 2019 - April 9, 2019. 

For your convenience, this year you can also download the proposal template from [3]. After filling the template and detailing the proposal, it must be submitted following the guidelines given by Google. 

Remember to submit your proposal well in advance, so that you can make the most out of the feedback from mentors and the community at large and refine your proposal until final deadline. Read the application instructions here [4]. The same page contains all the info you need before taking action, read it all carefully! Good luck everyone!

We admins will be available as always at <gsoc-admin at osgeo.org>, however, consider using public channels if the topic is not sensitive, i.e. soc mailing list [5]

We are looking forward to working with you towards another awesome edition of GSoC!

Kind regards
OSGeo GSoC admins

About GSoC

GSoC [6] is a global program by Google aiming at bringing new developers to open source organizations. OSGeo’s participation as an umbrella organization dates back to 2007 edition. Curious to know more? Browse our wiki pages [7].

[1] https://goo.gl/forms/jMvPl7ns2NG1BL6Q2
[2] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/how-it-works/#timeline
[3] https://github.com/OSGeo/gsoc/blob/master/proposal_template.md
[4] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_Recommendations_for_Students#Application_instructions
[5] https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/soc
[6] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
[7] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Category:Google_Summer_of_Code

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