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Hi Helena, Hi Maria,

Has there been any follow-up on this initiative ?


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As a follow up to Maria’s call, as you probably know, we have a MoU 
https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MOU_ISPRS with ISPRS and these kind of 
activities are good examples of opportunities that the MoU covers. I 
have set up a wiki page where you can sign up  if you are interested in 
helping out to organize an OSGeo Pavilion and a forum (or several fora) 
on all things Open-Geo at the ISPRS congress in Nice in 2020. 

Please sign up on the wiki by June 1 (next Friday) so that we can see 
how much interest there is and we will prepare the answer to ISPRS 
congress organizers based on the interest from the community. Here is 
  the congress website again: http://www.isprs2020-nice.com/

Thank you all for supporting this excellent opportunity,


      > On May 24, 2018, at 4:08 PM, Maria Antonia Brovelli
      > <maria.brovelli at polimi.it <mailto:maria.brovelli at polimi.it>> wrote:
      > Dear All
      > probably many of you know ISPRS (http://www.isprs.org/), which 
is the
      > International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, a 
      > with a long history and which is our partner  for instance in the
      > GeoForAll initiative and in the Academic Track of FOSS4G 2018. ISPRS
      > has (among the others) also a Technical Commission on Spatial
      > Information Science, whose topics are very close to ours. And they
      > are very open to collaboration with OSGeo. Last year Gerald Fenoy
      > co-organised  FOSS4G Europe in Paris with a good success.
      > Every four years ISPRS organises a big congress attracting thousand
      > of people ( researchers, companies, tecnicians of administrations,
      > etc). In 2020 it will be in Nice (France).
      > http://www.isprs2020-nice.com/
      > I was contacted by Nicolas Paparotidis (the Director of the 
      > who proposed OSGeo to co-organise, in the frame of the Congress,
      > these two initiatives:
      > -  a forum on Geo-Open-Science, Geo-Open-Source and  Geo-Open-Data.
      > The motivation of fora is  to encourage strong exchanges between
      > academia, institutions, industry, and users on important structuring
      > subjects. The program built for the fora must cover all aspects of
      > the theme (integrating also policy issues) and not only
      > scientific/tecnical aspects.
      > - a pavilion,  where to group open-source companies to give them a
      > stronger impact during the congress.
      > The two initiatives are really challenging and therefore, for
      > answering positively, we need to have a team of people who are
      > interested in collaborating on that. Consider please that there is a
      > great curiosity and interest with respect to open source and we have
      > the occasion of showing the potential of our technologies in a new
      > context. It is a challenge but, if well played, with many
      > opportunities.
      > Please circulate this news and answer to this call if you are
      > interested. We will verify if there are the conditions (i.e.
      > people/energy) for accepting this challenge and answer consequently
      > to such an offer. Best regards! Maria
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