[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo board nomination

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Wed Nov 27 05:16:11 PST 2019

Dear OSGeo community,

late but hopefully not too late... find my manifesto on [1].

I am honored to have been nominated for becoming a member of OSGeo
board. I had quite a few requests on this in the past, but I refused
them all -- obviously, this time, I did not find enough reasons to
refuse again ;-).

As an early OSgeo member, I have seen the development of our
organisation right from the beginning and now I offer my help and my
experience to further develop OSGeo.

With or without me, I am sure, that the new board will do a great job
and the old and new members will invest all their passion and energy to
reach our goals.



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