[OSGeo-Discuss] Reminder! A first GeoForAll lab webinar "mini-conference" tomorrow Oct 10, 1:00-3:00 GMT, on "GeoForAll contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals"

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Wed Oct 9 05:48:46 PDT 2019

Dear GeoForAll colleagues,

A reminder that a *first GeoForAll webinar "mini-conference"* will take
place tomorrow!

   - *Topic:* "GeoForAll contributions to the United Nations Sustainable
   Development Goals"
   - *Date/time: * Thursday, October 10th from 1-3:00 pm GMT.
   - *What time is it for you?* Use this link to find out:
   - *Participating GeoForAll labs/members and mini-conference program*:
      - Suchith Anand (Chief Scientist, GODAN)  – Introduction
      - Victoria Rautenbach (GeoForAll chair) – Welcome to GeoForAll
      - Sergio Acosta y Lara (Dirección Nacional de Topografía,Ministerio
      de Transporte y Obras Públicas, Uruguay) -Experiences from the
3rd edition
      of the course-contest Projects with students and gvSIG Batoví
      - Victor Sunday (Director, Unique Mappers Team) – Open Source and
      Open Data for All
      - Cameron Green (University of Pretoria)-GeoNode for data management
      and sharing
      - Paulo Cesar Coronado Sanchez (Universidad Distrital Francisco José
      de Caldas, Colombia)- SIG con herramientas OSGeo (GIS with OSGeo tools)
      - Suchith Anand (Chief Scientist, GODAN) – Open Principles in Science
      and Education
      - Q& A and Discussions
      - Join the Zoom-based webinar at: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/470742725.
   (Thanks to Rafael Moreno at UC Denver for hosting the mini-conference).

Full details can be found at

Thanks to all the participants for their preparation efforts and time!

This event is a part of a larger global event called "World Commons Week
<https://wcw2019.iasc-commons.org/>" which hopefully is helping to draw
attention to GeoForAll and OSGeo from others who may not know about these
communities.  And hopefully, this is the start of perhaps more regular
cross-GeoForAll lab dialog using virtual conferencing technology that will
reduce our community's carbon footprint on the global atmospheric commons.
In other words, perhaps the start of something like a FOSS4G conference
that complements -- not replaces -- the in-person event, but takes
advantage of our global access to webinar technology to allow more frequent
community interaction.


Charlie Schweik
Organizer, World Commons Week <https://wcw2019.iasc-commons.org/>2019

Charlie Schweik

Department of Environmental Conservation & School of Public Policy
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Facebook: Charles.Schweik
Twitter: @cschweik
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