[OSGeo-Discuss] New deegree web services release version available 3.4.10 (stable)

Torsten Friebe friebe at lat-lon.de
Thu Oct 31 05:16:12 PDT 2019

Dear deegree users,

We're happy to announce a new official deegree web services release.

* New bug fix release: 3.4.10 *

- Download: http://www.deegree.org/Download or
- Documentation: http://www.deegree.org/Documentation

- Change log for release version 3.4.10 (2019-10-25) [1]

#995  - enhancement - Upgrade gdal to official release version 2.4.x
fixes #994  by tfr42
#1001 - enhancement - Migrate handbook from Sphinx to asciidoc fixes
#858 by lgoltz
#1000 - bugfix - retain requested SRS name in CRS object for XML
requests fixes (#933) by  stempler
#1010 - bugfix - WKTWriter#writeMultiLineString produces invalid WKT
string fixes #1009 by RobinTopper

You can help us by testing the new bugfix version of deegree and
reporting bugs at our github issue tracker. [2]

deegree Development Team & TMC members

[1] https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/milestone/43?closed=1

[2] https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/issues

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