[OSGeo-Discuss] TIN file formats

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Wed Feb 12 03:06:28 PST 2020

On Monday, 10 February 2020 04.29.37 EST Martin Dobias wrote:
> MDAL stores TIN as a vector of vertices (XYZ) and a vector of faces
> (where each face is a vector of indices of vertices). There is no
> topological representation like half-edge data structure as this has
> not been needed so far (the library so far has been mostly used for
> rendering, deriving datasets and conversion between formats). MDAL now
> supports vertex and face iterators, so drivers can use whatever
> representation they want (including not keeping the mesh in memory at
> all) as long as they can provide those iterators.

Looks like I need more help than belongs on the discuss list. Is there a 
mailing list for MDAL?

Bezitopo and PerfectTIN, from which I'll be porting the TIN read/write 
routines, use a sort of winged-edge data structure. But the points, edges, and 
triangles are held in STL maps, which have to be in memory.


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