[OSGeo-Discuss] EGU 2020 Sessions: "Event-driven Concepts" and "Environmental Data Sets for Spatial Data Analytics"

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Tue Jan 7 02:22:03 PST 2020

Dear colleagues,

There is still time to submit an abstract for one or both of the 
following sessions!

a) The EGU 2020 Session "Event-driven Concepts for Enhancing Research 
Data & Processing Infrastructures" aims to collect use cases of 
push-based data delivery flows, implementations, lessons learned, 
experience with emerging technologies enabling pub-sub patterns and more.

b) The EGU 2020 Session "Integration and Interoperability of 
Environmental Data Sets for Spatial Data Analytics" addresses demands on 
analytics concerning heterogeneous data sets across the globe to address 
global challenges.

Abstract submission deadline is January 15, 2020. Information on how to 
submit and abstract can be found here: 

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