[OSGeo-Discuss] Translation

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Sat Mar 7 21:49:55 PST 2020

I just got an answer to an issue on Bezitopo "Check Spanish translation" from 
a surveyor in Argentina, so I checked for missing strings (there was one), 
translated it, and pushed it. I noticed that Linguist called them American 
English (which is right) and español de España (which is wrong), though I 
thought they were simply English and Spanish. Is it important, when 
translating a surveying program, to localize it to each variety of English or 
Spanish? We're not talking turkey or pig here (Spanish has way too many words 
for pigs), but there are pondian differences in the word for computer (though 
as my first Romance language is French, I occasionally let "ordenador" slip) 
and (maybe) file and in the use of pronouns, particularly in the second person.

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