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for my understanding, and hopefully help others, I assume the issue is that you have a style 
definition where there are tuples of (font_identifier, symbol_identifier_in_the_font) to 
define the styling of layers with point geometries, right ?
Or possibly some dataset layers whose fields also are characters which are the 
symbol_identifier_in_the_font (that is each feature points to a different symbol), but the 
whole layer field uses a single font ?

If that's only the former, then assuming there would be N open fonts already covering the 
whole set of ESRI symbology fonts (unlikely), one could possibly create a mapping between 
each tuple of (ESRI_font_id, ESRI_symbol_id) to (OPEN_font_id, OPEN_symbol_id). If the 
later, then you need a complete replacement for each proprietary font.

How many symbols / fonts are we discussing about ?


> One common road block which I find I am encountering when
> organisations are wanting to transition to open source software is
> that they are dependant on the set of ESRI map symbology fonts. While
> there is a large number of quality open-licensed map icon sets
> available, there are currently none which are "drop-in" replacements
> for these ESRI font symbol sets.
> Has anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions for approaches to
> overcome this? Would there be any interest in OSGEO funding creation
> of openly licensed alternatives to these fonts?
> Cheers,
> Nyall
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