[OSGeo-Edu] Short-notice training opportunity in Bogota

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Sun Jun 10 10:55:56 EDT 2007


Having just returned from Colombia's national biennial Geomatics 
conference in Bogota, I was asked to pass the word about a short-notice 
training opportunity for a Spanish-speaking geospatial person to conduct 
a week-long workshop sometime before July 15th.  As part of a European 
Union grant to develop the nation's geospatial infrastructure (that runs 
out on the 15th, hence the short notice), they've invited a number of 
international folks to conduct workshops on a variety of topics 
including open source software.  I've done classes on MapServer, 
PostGIS, and Open Layers, and I'm certain that workshops on packages 
such as GRASS, MapGuide, or GeoServer would be very well received.  
There's an enthusiasm for open-source software that, combined with an 
impressive level of technical know-how, makes for a rewarding week.

Besides airfare and hotel, compensation will also include a substantial 

At 8700 feet, Bogota offers an excellent option to beat the summer 
heat.  As for safety and security concerns, it's no different than any 
comparably sized city.

If interested, please drop me a note, if not, please pass the notice on 
to anyone who would be intrigued by the opportunity.


Brian Timoney

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