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Ned Horning horning at amnh.org
Fri Mar 9 15:51:46 EST 2007

I've been corresponding with Kurt and asked him to look into open source and
OSGeo. I met him about a year ago at a conference in Hanoi. I see references
to OpenDragon from time to time but don't know how wide-spread it is. Kurt
is committed to making this accessible for education and more but I think
he's trying the weigh his options with regard to the "best" approach to take
to be able to keep this a viable project. He's working from a university in
Thailand and is in a good situation to tap into some talent but he needs to
fundraise to keep things running. He's not new to open source but I think
comments to him from the OSGeo community would be helpful. My gut reaction
is that having him actively involved with OSGeo would be mutually


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> Folks,
> I'm forwarding a copy of this email from the OpenDragon team since they
> focus heavily on serving the educational world.  Perhaps their would be
> some useful connections to be made if they commit to open sourcing.
> Best regards,
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