[OSGeo-Edu] Mapping Your Data: Open Tools Serving Open Data

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Mon Mar 19 14:37:17 EDT 2007

Tyler Mitchell kirjoitti:
> On 19-Mar-07, at 6:40 AM, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>> Yesterday, I put together a 4 minute video demonstrating how to load GIS
>> data into QGIS, style it according to an attribute value, export to a
>> mapfile, and serve via MapServer to OpenLayers.
> Hi Chris,
> Great stuff - I think there are lots of us who could pull together 
> little demos like this.  Once our education library/directory is done, 
> this would be great to link to.

These kind of demos would surely help, encourage, and inspire many people.

Christopher Schmidt kirjoitti:

>Is this the kind of thing the education committee has interest in
>creating and maintaining? What is the best way to associate this
>material with the project? 

The first thing about education (pedagogy 101 although I never sat on 
such a course) is to think about your students and your goals. That's 
the hard part also: what you should teach and how? Probably the thing 
the education committee (eh, I'm in it also) should first do is define 
skill/knowledge levels on some a bit more general level.


> Can you give some tips for how to make these videos?
> Tyle
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