[OSGeo-Edu] First OSGeo edu virtual meeting - IRC Chat and proposed date/time

Simon Cropper scropper at botanicusaustralia.com.au
Sun Jul 25 20:19:01 EDT 2010


Your times appear wrong for most places. 

According to the URL that Markus Neteler posted the chat would be at 12 pm on 
Friday in Melbourne, it appears as if you are saying it would be at 7 am on 

Can you please clarify if the table posted by Markus is actually correct or 

Another issue is that you have not specified what IRC network you will be using 
for your discussion (e.g. freenode) and the name of the channel. Can you 
please provide this information ASAP. 


One concern I have regarding the release of educational material on the 
Internet, especially material ascribed to me, relates to how the material is 
disseminated, used or misused by others, or how derivatives could be used or 
misused by others. 

I find the menagerie of licenses available overwhelming and the nuances of each 
poorly understood. For example, I have considered the use of Creative Commons 
(no derivatives, no commercial) licence to release my tutorial material but 
have recently noted concerns over this license in our peak 'copyright' 
organisation in Australia (Australian Copyright Council).

I think that copyright, moral rights, derivatives, commercial uses of material 
generated, etcetera (and their variation over multiple jurisdictions),  impede 
the release of valuable material - especially from people working in 
commercial environments or academia. Consequently a brief discussion about 
this would be useful with the broader group and may confirm/refute my 
impression or present a solution/way forward.

Cheers Simon

	Simon Cropper
	Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd
	PO Box 160 Sunshine 3020
	P: 03 9311 5822. M: 041 830 3437
	W: http://www.botanicusaustralia.com.au
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