[OSGeo-Edu] Meeting time... Doodle poll has a new possible time

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Mon Jul 26 06:25:00 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I had a request from an important and active edu participant to see if 
one hour earlier might work (another request of +8.5 later would be too 
late for some of our European colleagues). I've added this option to the 
Doodle poll. But I don't think it is possible to entertain lots of other 
suggested time changes (it's really hard finding a time that is in the 
waking hours for both for Europe and Australia) so let's go with these 
sets of times for this first meeting.

So if you've already responded to the Doodle poll, please consider going 
back and editing your entry for these 11 am UTC options. Other potential 
participants, please sign up...




P.S. Simon/Puneet:

I've added the discussion of licenses to the agenda, although that 
important issue as we try and move toward a functional new derivative 
system might encompass the meeting entirely by itself.  Your concerns, 
Simon, are really important. What I'm hoping part of the online meeting 
can be about is figuring out what are the most interesting and most 
important to-do items for our group and then get some subcommittees 
trying to move them forward. If we can establish a regular meeting time 
that isn't too painful for most people (another agenda item?)  then we 
can have a regular  once-a-month meeting to get updates on our progress.

The license issue is an example. My take on it is that we as a group can 
only encourage the use of one (or maybe a couple) CC licenses, but can't 
mandate one to our potential authors of content (that wasn't your point 
anyway, Simon, I don't think). I think license choice needs to be left 
to the original author. (Others may have differences of opinion so this 
would be worth discussing). But I do wonder about whether we could have 
some guidance text established -- and perhaps Puneet's last post might 
be the beginning of such text?  Knowing that Puneet is closely linked to 
Creative Commons I wonder if  he might be encouraged to do take a stab 
at this?

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