[OSGeo-Edu] Restarting our conversations on developing one or more OS Geo webinars targeting local governments

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Sun Mar 7 08:05:26 EST 2010

Hi OSGeo edu members,

I'm sorry for another break in our conversations. I had four great 
responses to this earlier Webinar discussion, who signaled some interest 
in doing something like this for, perhaps, the NY State GIS group. In no 
particular order, I list who responded and what they said they have been 
involved in in the past).

1) Joel D. Schlagel, U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources; 
http://www.iwr.usace.army.mil -- "Practical/operation use of OSGEO in 
large projects in federal govt"

2) Karsten Vennemann, Education contact CUGOS (Cascadia chapter OSGEO)
www.cugos.org; Principal, Terra GIS LTD, Seattle, USA. www.terragis.net

"Interoperable Web GIS Solutions with Free and Open Source Geospatial 
software" (webinar, 2008)
"Introduction to Open Source GIS - A Practical Approach" (in person 

3) Dan Ames, Idaho State University, USA. - Mapwindow

4) Kumaran.Narayanaswamy

"GIS Tools and Solutions - An Awareness seminar"
Created jointly by NRCFOSS, kCube and Institue of Remote Sensing, Anna 

I think we should pursue this direction as a form of educational 
outreach. DO OTHERS IN THIS GROUP AGREE? Please send ME, not the group a 

e.g., +1, -1


Charlie Schweik
OSGeo Edu chair

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