[OSGeo-Edu] Cataloguing FOSS4G content

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Mar 9 00:09:57 EST 2010

Hi all, anyone thoughts about how we could help collate and catalogue
the freely available versions of workshops and presentations that exist
online from past FOSS4G events?  I'm thinking we could add them to the
educational content inventory system.  Make sense??

If so, maybe a few of us could volunteer to take on one of the years
events or even share one year with another person.  It would take a
little digging but hopefully not too much.

Also, any scripting gurus want to help make a "lifesign checker" - so
the server could query the catalogued content to make sure it's not gone
offline somehow? :)  Just wondering what to do if/when courses disappear
 - perhaps we can do monthly recursive downloads from those entries in
the database.. hmm.


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