[El] Re: gis centos5.5 (GDAL 1.7.2)

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Thu Aug 5 04:16:36 EDT 2010

Hi Nikolaos,

> I compiled gdal 1.7.2 on centos5.5 x86_64 (without ldap support)
> ftp://ftp4cast/nickhatz/gis_repo/Centos5.5/

I cannot open this URL.
It seems like a host on your LAN (no .edu/.org/.com, etc.).
Do you have a public address?

> what do you say?

I say it's cool.
I would be happy to have a closer look.
How did you build it? From scratch? By updating the sources in one of
our SRPMs? (see below)
Do you have any other GIS RPMs in this repo?

As you may know we are putting in place a repository of RPM for GIS on
Enterprise Linux:
(the structure will soon change as we will have a 'stable' and a
'testing' repository)

You are welcome to contribute!

I put the mailing-list in cc., you can join it at
http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/el .

@list: GDAL 1.7.2 seems a good candidate to be put in a 'testing' repo
while we keep 1.6.3 in a 'stable'
What are your thoughts on GDAL minor version updates in general?



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