[El] GDAL 1.7.3 in elgis-testing

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Sat Dec 4 05:04:03 EST 2010


thanks for the clarifications!

> We need image-io. For ELGIS 5 we need to have the Sun Java for this,
> need to take a call either we include image-io support for EL5 with
> Sun Java or Leave the same for EL6 and above

In such cases, we need to have Sun Java at runtime only, don't we?
Or do we need it at build and install time as well?
I could build Ralph's gdal.spec on ELGIS 5 without any issue, except
for maven2 (see next comment).

>> "no maven"?
>> Why?
>> Maven is just another project build environment, certainly a very
>> successful one, which has been adopted by almost every upstream OS Java
>> project.
>> So "no maven" means "no Java", right?
>> Such a position will not be easy to defend.
> Confusion....I am mentioning here about the maven2, this will end up
> modifying the base os in EL5.  So I would suggest keep maven2 outside
> for ELGIS 5.

For ELGIS 5, we can just remove the maven2 dependency as already discussed.

> So, the basic question still remains, which spec file and dependencies
> which we use for EL5

Actually that's where I probably wasn't clear: at this stage my
question is actually whether Fedora want to integrate the work on
imageio-ext in its gdal.spec file.

I noticed with the latest spec file you sent in order to fix the
maven2 issue that this wasn't the case, and that it did not contained
the imageio-ext fixes. So I just asked, because it will make later
merging easier.
But this is not difficult to merge only the differences, I just asked
in order to make sure that you did not miss the latest version sent by

> Hope we are clear at this point.

Not completely: just tell me whether you want to merge imageio-ext
stuff in Fedora, yes or no.
With any of the two possible answers, I can then move on.



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