[El] GDAL 1.7.3 in elgis-testing

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Sat Dec 4 05:18:33 EST 2010

> - The maven2 runtime requires may be dropped from a gdal-java subpackage
> with no major damage. Has that bit been lost?

No, that's what I just clarified.
This is a non-issue and Viji as already provided a workaround with if/then etc.

> - Why would maven2 as such be a "major base os upgrade"? Because it is
> not included in EL5? Because it pulls in many dependencies not provided
> by EL5? I probably missed the concept you are using.

maven2 is neithe rin base OS not in EPEL. So we simply don't have it
in our depednent repo.

If no objection, we will add JPP as a dep for ELGIS-Plus and then we
will be able to happily leverage all what is done over there.
GDAL is a special case because we want it to stay in ELGIS (non-Plus)

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