[El] x86_64 builds?

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Wed Dec 15 07:58:28 EST 2010

> This is slightly off topic for this list, but hopefully someone will
> indulge me.

I don't think that this is off topic.
This list is meant to discuss what is related to GIS software on
Enterprise Linux, not only the packaging activities around the ELGIS

That's probably the right place to find people who love building GDAL
using the EPEL packages :)

> For instance, if I do "yum install hdf-devel" I end up getting the i368
> and x86_64 packages installed.

This is an upstream policy: http://bit.ly/hzLWPF
(also see the other discussion about conflicts between i386 and x86_64
packages with the latest ELGIS GDAL build)

> Furthermore, there does not appear to be any effort to install the binaries
> in distinct directories so in my case I end up with the 64bit version of
> the libraries in /usr/lib being overwritten with the 32bit version.

As you found out in between, but putting it here for reference, the 64
bits libraries are located in:

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