[fdo-dev] FDO bugs, fixes and reviewing

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Thu Aug 24 13:42:14 EDT 2006

See inline...

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Greg Boone wrote:
> I reviewed the change and it looks good. Next time you can make me the
> reviewer in the Artifact send the changed files to me before


OK, I'll try and keep that in mind.  By the way, is that a "can" as in
or more as in "should"?
[GB] As in "should"

And do you want a chance to review-before-committing even on minor items
is this more aimed a big things?  
[GB] I am more concerned with new code or bug fix code. Fixing build
issues or unit tests can be reviewed post submission.

I will, eventually, have lots of changes
for the fdogdal provider since it essentially is still not in working
condition.  If you need to review before committing, I'll likely just
accumulate them all and then give you a chance to review when I think
I'm all done.
[GB] Ok

Is there an "FDO Development Policy" document or something to that
around about stuff like this?  I think this will eventually be necessary
make things clear for outside contributors.
[GB] Yes, we need a clarification but that will not happen in the next
couple of weeks.

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