[fdo-dev] Writing a custom fdo provider (in managed code...?)

Robert Fortin robert.fortin at autodesk.com
Mon Dec 11 09:19:24 EST 2006

The IsManaged flag is for future use when FDO will support both managed and unmanaged provider. At the moment, the providers are only unmanaged.


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Subject: [fdo-dev] Writing a custom fdo provider (in managed code...?)


I have question:

On registering a fdo provider (in mapserver in the providers.xml) you can set the flag 'IsManaged' indicating if the provider is in managed .NET code. Is this a future thing or is this supported already now? It seems to me, that the managed wrapper around the fdocore serves for using fdo providers written in unmanaged C++ in the .NET enviroment.... or can that wrapper be used to write a custom fdo provider in .NET? If yes, where is the entry point?  Must this still be an unmanaged dll export function 'CreateConnection' or can it be placed somewhere else, like a static method in a class (I'm a lazy C# cook...) 

Thank you for any answers (a yes / no answer would already be very helpful... :)

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