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Hi Mateusz,


fdo (fdo.osgeo.org) is a top level project that 

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Hi Greg,

My name is Mateusz Loskot.
Recently, I started to work on FDO and GDAL provider for FDO and
I met some problems I'd like to ask you to help me with.

First, I'd like to learn the overall FDO project/sub-projects structure.
As I know, there are 3 projects available on the OSGeo.org website:
fdo, fdocore and fdogdal.
The last one is clear. It's a GDAL provider for FDO.
But I can't figure out what is the role of fdo and fdocore projects.
As I found, both projects include the same files e.g. fdo module.
fdocore seems to be newer but there are no providers in
the Providers directory.
fdo project includes some providers, but there are no Utilities, etc.

I'd be very thank full if you could explain me the FDO projects

My main aim is to build FDO core + GDAL provider and test it deeply on
Linux and Windows.
Finally, I'm going to test GDAL provider for FDO with MapGuide.
As I see, there are UnitTests already available in the fdo and fdocore.
Could you tell me something about current state of those tests?
Could I extend them and create new, when I will be testing FDO with

I subscribed to all dev/user lists of fdo, fdocore and fdogdal projects.
At first, I wanted to write my questions to mailing list, but I could
not decide which one should I choose.
Please, could you tell me which list can be considered as the main FDO
development list?

Thanks in advance for your assistance
Mateusz Loskot

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