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Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri Jul 7 16:45:33 EDT 2006

Hi Greg,

Greg Boone wrote:
> [GB] See inline...
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> Hi Greg,
> Greg Boone wrote:
>> Correction...
>> build -- builds the FDO API and all Providers on Windows. Executing
> this
>> script with no arguments will build Fdo, Utilities and all Provider
>> retrieved by the checkoutsvn script. 
> OK, I see.
> Additional question about building FDO on Windows.
> Could you tell me what version of Visual C++ have you used with success?
> [GB] 
> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
> Version 8.0.50727.42  (RTM.050727-4200)
> Microsoft .NET Framework
> Version 2.0.50727
> Installed Edition: Professional
> Microsoft Visual C# 2005   77626-009-0000007-41604
> Microsoft Visual C# 2005
> Microsoft Visual C++ 2005   77626-009-0000007-41604
> Microsoft Visual C++ 2005


> [GB] We have not done any testing with the Express edition... I will add
> this to my list of issues to follow up on.

Thank you.
I think it would be helpful for Open Source developers to support Visual
C++ 2005 Express Edition in future.

> I tried to build fdocore with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition but it
> failed.
> The problem was with project called VersionUpdate which is a .NET
> project.
> [GB] I will drop the UpdateVersion.exe executable into ...
> \Thirdparty\util\UpdateVersion\bin. There are no issues with
> distributing this file. This should help somewhat... 

OK, I'll test it near the end of July.

> I have also Visual C# 2005 EE but it seems
> msbuild can't build C++/C# mixed solutions (.sln/.vcproj files)
> with this edition.
> [GB] Ok... Now that UpdateVersion.exe has been dropped, we can remove
> the requirement to build the C# project.

That's good.

> Second issue is related to MFC dependecy.
> Funny thing is that Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition + Platform SDK
> has cutted or different version of MFC than Visual C++ Professional.
> There are some missing files e.g. afxmsg_.h
> I found that MFC is used by Unit Test runner application.
> Is this used by fdocore or providers libraries too?
> [GB] No. Neither FDO nor the Providers use MFC (At  least they are not
> supposed to...:-)
> Do you know if there are any other dependencies that can make it
> impossible to build FDO with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition?
> [GB] No, but only further testing with Express will determine all of the
> possible issues.

So, I'll try to provide some tests and feedback when I'm back to fdogdal.

Thanks a lot!
Mateusz Loskot

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