[fdo-dev] FDO on Core 5?

Marcus Spurkel mspurkel at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 12 14:54:28 EDT 2006

Ah, okay -- thanks for the info.  So then what's my best strategy at 
this point for getting MapQuest installed?  Should I wait until the 
Subversion trunks are synced up or install an older version on something 
like FC4?

>Hi Marcus,
>At this point I have not tested building 3.0.0 with FC5. We only
>officially tested 3.0.0 with Redhat 3.0.
>Since the 3.0.0 tar files were posted we have moved forward, cleaned up
>and updated the FDO API, moved it into a Subversion and compiled the
>code base with both Redhat 3 and Fedora 4. 
>However, the FDO Subversion code is not currently compatible with
>MapGuide. I know that the MapGuide team is working on porting their
>Subversion code to be compatible with the FDO Subversion but I believe
>the ported code will not be dropped into Subversion until late July when
>the FDO Subversion is opened to the general public.
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>Hi there,
>I'm trying to install the latest FDO that I can download from the site
>(3.0.0) onto my Fedora Core 5 server.  During compilation, I get "extra
>qualification" errors, mostly from IRasterPropertyDictionary.h
>Am I crazy for even trying to compile on FC5?  Is the gcc lib too new?
>(4.1.0) My ultimate goal is to get MapGuide up and running but I may
>have to go back to a more "tested" version of the OS, or?
>Thanks in advance,
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