3rd party project issues

Baumann Konstantin Konstantin.Baumann at hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Nov 3 04:48:30 EST 2006

Hello everyone!
I would like to suggest the following changes (at least for the VS 2005
project files):
* use $(XERCESCROOT) instead of $(FDOTHIRDPARTY)/apache/xml-xerces/c
* use $(XALANCROOT) instead of $(FDOTHIRDPARTY)/apache/xml-xalan/c
* use $(GDAL_HOME) instead of $(FDOTHRIDPARTY)/GDAL13
* use $(BOOST_HOME) instead of ...
* ...
This allows to easily use your own more up-to-date versions of these
And what about creating an additional sub-project "FDO 3rd Party" (SVN:
fdo3rdparty) which contains all the sources of the 3rd party libs
(instead of fdocore). This allows to download/checkout this project only
if you do not already have the corresponding sources/projects, which
could save a significant amount of memory and svn-update-time
(especially w.r.t. boost...).
Kind regards,
    Konstantin Baumann
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