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Mon Nov 6 12:02:38 EST 2006


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Jack Lee wrote:
> Hi Mateusz,
> Currently, in Linux, you need to set 
> NLSPATH=/usr/local/fdo-3.2.0/nls/%N
> so that the message catalog is used.


I've had no idea about NLSPATH env for FDO.
After I set it, everything works well, thanks!

Please, could anyone update the Dev Guide or build instruction and add
information about NLSPATH for Linux users?
Thanks in advance!

> If this is not set, the default string is used. The following is an
> example of using the default string:
> throw FdoSchemaException::Create(NlsMsgGet1(FDORDBMS_333, "Class
> not found", value->GetText()));
> If the default string is not set, then only the constant is displayed.
> The following is an example of not setting the default string.
> FdoSchemaException* pNewException = FdoSchemaException::Create( 
> 	FdoSmError::NLSGetMessage(
> 		pFeatSchema->GetName()
> 	),
> 	pException
> );

Thanks for this explanation.

Mateusz Loskot

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