[fdo-dev] Exception messages

Donald Cameron donald.cameron at autodesk.com
Wed Nov 8 14:53:51 EST 2006

Hi Mateusz,

I am starting to work on the FAQ. If the answer to the FAQ is "Add
export NLSPATH=/usr/local/fdo-3.2.0/nls/%N to your profile so that FDO
picks up exception messages from the message catalogs.", what is the
best question?
Would it be
"Why do some exception messages on Linux have so little useful


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Jack Lee wrote:
> Hi Mateusz,
> Currently, in Linux, you need to set 
> NLSPATH=/usr/local/fdo-3.2.0/nls/%N
> so that the message catalog is used.


I've had no idea about NLSPATH env for FDO.
After I set it, everything works well, thanks!

Please, could anyone update the Dev Guide or build instruction and add
information about NLSPATH for Linux users?
Thanks in advance!

> If this is not set, the default string is used. The following is an
> example of using the default string:
> throw FdoSchemaException::Create(NlsMsgGet1(FDORDBMS_333, "Class
> not found", value->GetText()));
> If the default string is not set, then only the constant is displayed.
> The following is an example of not setting the default string.
> FdoSchemaException* pNewException = FdoSchemaException::Create( 
> 	FdoSmError::NLSGetMessage(
> 		pFeatSchema->GetName()
> 	),
> 	pException
> );

Thanks for this explanation.

Mateusz Loskot

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