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Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Fri Oct 20 16:08:10 EDT 2006

Hi  Greg,
thank you for your answear. I  wanted a hint before implementing every
interface in FDO to get provider properly working in MAP.

I think that I have implemented every interface you mentioned and still
not able to see connection listed in bulk copy either source or
but I suppose that is something I need to dig deeper into it and double
check it. 

MapGuide and MAP are now the only applications using fdo so I am trying
to test provider in both.



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Both you and Harris ask open-ended questions in your response to my
statement. 'What constitutes a well-formed FDO provider for Map?' The
answer to this question depends on which functionality you are using in
Map and the FDO commands they attempt to execute against the FDO
provider they are connected with. 

Other than the connection process, FDO is command based, so you must
execute the proper commands in the Provider in order for that provider
to be correctly used in Map. The typical FDO commands that are I believe
are executed by the Map application are:

GetMeasureUnits (Raster Providers Only)

Implementing such commands should enable your provider to be used by
Map. Note that you only have to implement the 'Read' commands
(DescribeSchema, GetSpatialContexts, Select, GetMeasureUnits) if you
only want Map to read from a provider. However, Map has not been tested
with Third-Party providers, so such a statement is theoretical.

As for Bulk Copy, the FDO commands that are required to be implemented
by the provider include:

DescribeSchema (For the Source Provider) ApplySchema (For the
Destination Provider) Select (For the Source Provider) Insert (For the
Destination Provider) GetSpatialContexts (For both the Source and
destination provider)

Note that for Bulk Copy, the destination data store must be created
successfully with an appropriate spatial context before the bulk copy
process is invoked. This needs to be done outside of Map.


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> *From:* Greg Boone [mailto:greg.boone at autodesk.com]
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> *To:* dev at fdo.osgeo.org
> *Subject:* RE: [fdo-dev] bulk copy
> This sounds like a Autodesk Map support question rather than an FDO
> Source question. Bulk Copy is not a part of Open Source.


Does this mean that bulk copy in Map is done by a means other than FDO?
do you mean that bulk copy hasn't been a focus of the open source FDO
work since it wouldn't be used by mapguide?  Or...?

I, for one, do want to be able to deliver useful FDO providers for use
Map based on the open source FDO core.  So I'm interested in what
I might encounter in doing so.

Best regards,
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