fdo 3.2

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Wed Oct 25 06:52:48 EDT 2006

I've read FDO 3.2 changes, and it looks like good changes.
One of things if I understood correctly is that we will be able to use
any characters in schema.
I have couple of comments:
1. I saw changes in defining more exactly geometry type - good.
I miss very much rectangle or optimized rectangle especially in queries.
Now in filter provider gets polygon for some actions in MG, but
basically it is rectangle and
for some providers like for Oracle is important to know if it is
rectangle or really polygon.
Of course, provider can figure it out from points but it is no way it
should be.
2. After coping fdo class from one provider to another, trough
AplySchema, it is difficult to get class definitions from newly created
   Geometry/Class/schema name can be changed from one provider to
   It would be nice to have reader (like for insert geometries) which
would return map original class-new class, so the procedure is not
dependent on keeping same names.
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