[fdo-dev] Empty subversion logs

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Sep 8 22:36:35 EDT 2006

On 9/8/06, Romica Dascalescu <Romica.Dascalescu at autodesk.com> wrote:
> Hi Mateusz,
> You can not drop some changes in the same time if the changes are in
> different locations:
> E.g.: if you modify a file from fdocore and one from SHP all these files
> are part of the change, but you can not drop them in only one step.
> You must do two drops first for fdocore and second from shp. Why should
> we put two descriptions if these files are for the same fix (artifact)?
> When you drop something in addition you will put a description.
> See https://fdo.osgeo.org/servlets/Scarab?id=FDO159 with my last drop.


I'm not sure I completely understand, but it sounds to me
as if you are depending on folks to look up the change
information in the issue tracker if they want to know what
changes are occuring.  Is that correct?

Even now I think that is making live a bit hard, but I am
also concerned that if/when FDO moves off CollabNet
we will likely not be able to preserve the issue tracker
data, and then we will have lots of SVN commits in our
history with only cryptic "FDO183" type issue ids that
we can't trace to any explanation.

Is my understanding correct?  Is it important for FDO
purposes that we be able to preserve the issue tracker
data for future research needs? Or is this sort of
historical review really not that necessary once you
get to a release checkpoint?

Perhaps much ado about nothing...

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