test data fdo 3.1.0

a.penitente a.penitente at gepaspa.com
Wed Sep 20 12:17:21 EDT 2006

I read il file OpenSourceTestData_README.txt from fdo-3.1.0_data_R050.tar.gz
and the instructions are for fdo-3.0.0, but I must install fdo-3.1.0 for 
mapguide opensouce
if I replace 3.0 with 3.1 the tests they do not work. 

I ask help you 

I. Linux Notes: 

1. Extract the FDO Unit Test data to the same location as the FDO OpenSource
Files (see OpenSourceBuild__README.txt) 

2. To run the FDO unit tests, you must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows: 

<Fdo OpenSource Location>/thirdparty/linux/cppunit/lib 

(Note: The above path should be entered all on one line.) 

3. Due to a path issue encountered in the FDO OpenSource Unit test(s), you 
move some files in a directory. 

After the FDO UnitTest data files are extracted, move the directory: 


4. In order to run the various FDO Provider UnitTests on Linux follow
the following steps: 

'FDO SDF Provider' 

 cd <OpenSource_FDO>/providers/SDFPlus/UnitTest
 run ./UnitTest 

'FDO SDF Provider' 

 cd <OpenSource_FDO>/providers/Shp/src/UnitTest
 run ./UnitTest 


II. Linux Steps for Extracting UnitTest Data: 

1.  gunzip fdo-3.0.0_data.tar.gz 

2.  tar -xvf fdo-3.0.0_data.tar.gz 



thank you 

albina penitente 

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