Query on MySQL FDO

Rajneesh Verma rajneesh at klgsystel.com
Sat Sep 30 02:54:54 EDT 2006

We are working on MySQL FDO open source and are facing a few problems on the
way. Please advise how do we go about it and where can we get the
information regarding the missing links.

When we open the MySQL provider project 'MySql.vcproj' in
Visual Studio .NET then it also opens the dependency projects. Out of
these dependency projects some of the projects are opened from the

'[FDO Open Source]\Utilities' directory which is not there.

The dependency projects are
	a)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\Common\FdoCommon.vcproj
	b)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\SchemaMgr\SchemaMgr.vcproj
	c)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\SchemaMgr\LogicalPhisycal.vcproj
	d)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\SchemaMgr\SMMessage.vcproj
	e)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\SchemaMgr\Overrides.vcproj
	f)	[FDO Open Source]\Utilities\SchemaMgr\Physical.vcproj

The Utilities folder for MySQL FDO is missing on the site.

Best Regards

Rajneesh Verma
KLG Systel Limited,
Gurgaon, India
+91-124-4129900 ext. 36

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