[fdo-internals] MySQL libraries...

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Apr 20 14:19:07 EDT 2007

No we are not distributing MySQL libraries.

Here are the instructions from the FDO OpenSource build README:


In order to build the MySQL Provider, you will need to download and
install the MySQL 5.0 Windows client and developer components from:


Following the installation set the following FDO Windows environment

        set FDOMYSQL=[MySQL developer components path] 

        e.g. set FDOMYSQL=c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0


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Are we distributing the MySQL libraries with the FDO builds?

If not, I'm wondering if we could under the terms of the FLOSS


It's a bit confusing for me... My initial impression is that it the
MySQL Provider might have to be GPL, but that all other portions of FDO
could stay LGPL?

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