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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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Me too


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- Would it be possible to add an integer DIV function as well?  Or is
this just assumed when dividing integer values?  Showing some ignorance
of FDO operations here...


[tok] I don't think we need this function. If you want the result of a
division of two integers to be an integer value, you could use the FLOOR
or CEIL function to achieve this.


[jcb]   OK.  I guess this question stemmed from the result type on the
MOD/REMAINDER functions being diff_rv, assuming that the return type
would be based on the input parameters.  Could you maybe clarify under
what cases various types are returned from these functions?


Am I getting annoying yet? :)


[tok] No.


[jcb] Guess I'll have to try harder then...


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